Computational Experiments


Inspired by cobogo, a Brazilian architecture element. I create a tool to visualize negative space and shape proportions. See more

Sketch Pochette

Every time you want to edit your elements precisely, you need to travel with your mouse to the panel inspector. So to avoid this repeated movement, sketch-pochette brings the properties close to where your mouse is. See more

Color identify

An experiment using machine learning and the webcam to identify flip flops and extract the most prominent color. I didn't find any practical use yet, but it was fun to explore computer vision.


A JSON Config file to automatically change apps, directories and files from project to project for macOS. See more


Prototype a responsive experience for video casting. How cool would be if you can throw videos to your TV and watch all together?


An open source prototype tool focus on creative freedom See more

React native 3D cube

After prototype a smooth cube navigation for Vivo easy app. I transform the code into a open source library. See more

Sketch Invetory

Sketch plugin to extract all the library components with breakpoints and generate human-readable document version.

Spatial coding interface

A shared room for developers, designers and PM to work together and iterate in the product. See more

Get my link

One tactic, social media apps uses to keep the user in their apps is blocking hyperlinks. So I made an app extension that recognizes hyperlinks in images and sends you straight to the link. See more

Coding Sound

How about using sound in software to create an atmosphere around your actions? For example, code an epic task in a fantasy adventure or meditate in a buddhist mountain while fixing a bug. See more

Contextual Notes

MacOS app that helps you to organize your notes in a context. Depend on the window or website, you are focused on the notes changes See more